How to Create & Send a google review link?

When we talk about Google My Business sometime people are not more aware how to manage and create best traffic to the the business page. How you improve your search ranking on google is to get best-traffic and for online reviews with the help of reviews link.

Google Reviews can increase high-traffic to your company or business page,it attract and maintain reputation in between customers. Sometime this practice make your business high in search appearance.

When you think like customer, you came to know more often 90% decisions has been taken online is by reading the reviews of product and process.Majority of Customer user believe in google reviews before they visit business.

By using Google My Business (GMB) account,you can create a simple link that can draw in more customer and higher the revenues rate.

Creating a Google Review Link

There are three ways to create a Google review link.

  • Use The Business ID
  • Search your business Name through normal search
  • Follow the Short name and short URL Methods

Be aware that your google reviews work while you share your reviews link.

Method 1 : Business Short Name

When you share your reviews link make sure you share short links instead of sharing long URL.For Example, if you have a education centre called “The Cadss” as the short name for your google reviews link.You can

When people follow this link it directed to you GMB listing where they easily leave reviews.One thing must remember you have verified business listing to generate short can quickly set your own short name in every GMB account.

Method 2: Place ID Finder

Google Maps developer page features this handy tool which only you need to enter the name of the location in the search bar finder.
You can see small test windows above the business will appear on the map which features a series if number and symbols that make place ID<place_id>

Method 3 : Google Search

At last you can use simple google search to leave a reviews about the business and find the link “Write a Reviews” . You can use some of the website like URL shortner and to share on social media,emails or even receipts.

How you get more effective results ?

Email marketing helps you in this business more and effectively ways. According research 70 percent of reviews comes from emails sent after purchase or visit at business. Through email people convince easier .


Use SMS messaging services to convince the people to leave reviews negative and positive.Share short link through messenger or what’s app .


Google review feedback so important people need to revert every reviews with good greeting message.

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