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Corel Draw-Create your own imagination


Md.Nadeem Sheikh


Graphic Designing

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Corel Draw is a tool used to make vector art. In Corel Draw, editing tools allow the user to adjust contrast, color balance, change the format from RGB to CMYK, add special effects such as vignettes and special borders to bitmaps. It is also capable of handling multiple pages designing projects. This is a short-term certificate course offered at reasonable fees keeping in mind the latest trends of the industry. Is one of the best graphic design training institutes in Delhi with high-tech infrastructure and lab facilities. This tool is recommended for every designer who wants to benefit from its features like increased speed, accurate color control, enhanced vector illustration tools, ad additional design capabilities.

Corel Draw-Create your own imagination

Course Content

Introduction to Corel Draw
  • Getting Started with Corel Draw Basics and Interface
  • Toolbox
  • File Management
  • Setting Up the Page
  • Viewing Modes
  • Inserting and Deleting Pages
  • How to change a Page?
  • Working with multiple workspaces
  • Customizing Toolbars
  • Saving Defaults
  • How to take File Backups
Working with Shapes
  • Drawing and Shaping Tools
  • Usage of the Freehand Tool
  • Drawing Lines and Polylines
  • Freehand Polygons
  • Reshaping of Lines and Polylines
  • Drawing and Reshaping of Curves
  • Rectangles and Circles
Working with Objects
  • Selecting and Deselecting of Objects
  • Moving, Copying and Deleting Objects
  • Sizing and Transforming Objects
  • Rotating and Skewing of Objects
  • An eyedropper and Paint Bucket Tool
  • Selection of Outline Thickness and Colors
  • Uniform, Pattern and Fountain Fill
Arrangement of Objects
  • Grouping and Ungrouping of Objects
  • Guidelines and Snap to
  • Intersection and Trim
Text Special Effects in Corel Draw
  • Drawing with The Artistic Media Tool
  • Using Envelope
  • Extruding an Object
  • The blending of two Objects
  • Lens Effect
  • Power Clips
  • Contours and Drop Shadows
  • Using Interactive Transparencies
  • Applying Mesh Fills
Text and Paragraph
  • Text Tool
  • Formatting Text
  • Overview of Text Options
  • Making Paragraph Text
  • Importing of Text
  • Working with Indents
  • How to use Spell Checker
  • Paragraph Formatting
  • Wrapping of Text in Paragraph
  • Typing Texts in Objects
  • Fitting of a Text in a Path
  • Glowing, Bevel and Chrome Text
Working with Symbols and Clipart
  • Inserting Text Symbols
  • Adding and Modifying Clipart
Working with Bitmaps
  • Understanding Bitmaps
  • Importing Bitmap Options
  • Adjusting and Hiding Colors in a Bitmap
  • Applying Special Bitmap Effects
  • Advanced GIF Options
Printing in Corel Draw
  • Printing Option
  • Print Previewing
Creating Styles and Templates
  • Working with Styles and Templates
  • Creating and applying different styles

Career Options:

Layout Artist, Cover Designer, Packaging Designer, Creative Graphic Professional, Logo Designer, Visual Design Specialist, etc.

You do after Completing the course :

  • Illustrations
  • Brochures
  • Magazines
  • Catalogs
  • Prospectus
  • Newsletters
  • Stationery
  • Covers
  • Packaging
  • Boards & Hoardings etc.
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