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Diploma In Programming Lan.


Chittranjan Kumar


Programming Course

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Diploma In Programming Language

This diploma program focuses on preparing you to work as a programmer requiring the application of current industry policies, practices, procedures, and tools. This program will give you the theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills in an industry-standard Basic Computer, programming languages(C & C++)

Admission requirements

  • Grade 12 graduate or mature student status.

Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion, graduates will be able to secure employment, for example, as application programmers, programmer analysts, and software development programmers. Required Course Material Not all courses may have textbooks. Textbooks are listed in the course outline. Textbooks may not be available through the college. Equipment Computer and requisite software are provided at the college. No other equipment is required unless otherwise indicated on the course outline. Program Course currency and relevancy may change depending on the requirements of the industry. The school may make changes at any time. Changes will be effective when made.

Diploma In Programming Language Semester 1:            (3 Months)

  •  Computer Fundamentals
Computer Fundamentals are the best for the beginner which helps them to learn from the basic “You call it as a start from 0”.You came to know about the difference between laptop & desktop. How it works & So on.
  • Operating Systems
In this Module, you came to know about things like the Windows Operating system. How it works & what are the functionalities. You can learn about the installation of applications & programs. Some of the problems resolving related to your operating system.
  • Microsoft office
Microsoft Office Classes includes Word, PowerPoint & Excel. This will help you to make a presentation, type your resume & If you are interested in data analysis. It means there is a full package of Microsoft which helps to work in any office that need this knowledge.  

Semester  2  (3 Months)

The Most Interesting part of the course begins with computer programming: Fundamentals of C Language, Overview of C Language, Data Types in C Language, Variable in C Language, Constant in C Language, Operators and Enums in C Language, Decision Making of C Language, Loop control in C Language, Control Flow in C Programming, File Input/Output, Dynamic Memory Allocation. You starting the second semester with a simple course.  You can learn:  Introduction,C++ Programming basics,Functions,Object and Classes,Arrays and string arrays fundamentals. Arrays as class Member Data, Operator overloading, Inheritance, Pointer, Virtual Function, Streams and Files, Templates and Exceptions Get Enquirer On What's App :

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